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There are Five Key-Predictors to help you identify whether your candidates and employees will be successful in your company.  There are also Five Key-Interview Questions to help you assess whether your candidates have FLASH.  Both will help you make more confident decisions.  Does your hiring process include FLASH? 


Each of these predictors will help you better assess whether your next hire has what it takes to achieve your key deliverables. Call Janet Boydell to get FLASH!

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Fast-Forward Fit - Compares their past succesess and your future needs. 

     Question #1:  One of our critical objectives will be to _____, can you walk me through the details about how you've completed a similar objective as it relates to our needs?

Leadership - Execute by leveraging through others    

     Question #2:  Please draw an organization chart and share about a team you built (or managed, or participated on) for a specific accomplishment?

Adaptability - To your environment and resources

     Question #3:  Tell me about the support available to you, the budget, the staff, and how you would go about accomplishing our key deliverables  given our resources?  (Note: this is NOT a first-round interview question)

Success Without Excuses - Doing whatever it takes!

     Question #4: Can you give me the specifics about completing a project that had a major impact and what you learned? What did you have to overcome?

High Initiative -Self-Motivation

     Question #5:  Tell me about a specific problem within your department, or job, and how you identified, developed and presented a solution without being asked?