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Recruiting Programs With Added Value

We offer three recruiting programs to meet your specific needs and budget

  • The Direct Response Program
  • The Combination Search Program
  • The Retained Search Program

Each program includes the development of our unique and propriety Fast-Forward Resume that is defined as:

The full-potential version of what your new hire's resume could look like after accomplishing three or four of your key deliverables during 18 to 24 months on the job.

In other words, if you asked your new employee, or anyone working for you for that matter, to update his or her resume...what would they list as the "Key Accomplishments" or bullet points of achievements on their updated resume? What would you expect to read on that resume? Would those achievements reflect what you wanted done? We help you create the Fast-Forward Resume that provides your employee with the direction they need and gives you, the hiring manager, an amazing performance management tool!

We excel in all three areas and offer 100% guaranteed results!

The Direct Response Program

This is a very affordable program that allows our clients to hire one or more candidates for one low, all-inclusive fee. This is an Internet and data-based search process that delivers results.

We meet with you to write and post two creative ads, review all resumes and create a spreadsheet with pertinent information about the top 25 candidates. More importantly, we meet the top four candidates and present them to you with our proprietary assessment form and comments about their eligibility.

THE VALUE: Review dozens of candidates - hire one, hire two or hire them all...for one very reasonable fee!- 100% guaranteed!

The Retained Search Program

Our retained search program is exclusively dedicated to meeting your needs. We meet with you the hiring manager and anyone on the hiring team. We get to know who you are and what your company is all about.

We provide candidate assessment, conduct reference checks, do a thorough background check and help you carefully evaluate each candidate for qualification and fit for your organization.  We'll also help the candidate carefully evaluate the opportunity to make sure it's the right career decision. Helping you both make A Hire Connection is our ultimate goal, which means that in the long run...you both win!  

THE VALUE:  We focus our energy on finding, attracting, meeting with and presenting the top-tier candidates capable of satisfying your needs.- 100% guaranteed! 

The Combination Search Program

THE VALUE:  This is a unique service that combines the Retained Search and our Direct Response programs. This service includes every aspect of the Direct Response program, PLUS a 60-day database search for qualified candidates. And, we'll identify at least one candidate located through direct sourcing based on a defined number of companies of your choice!

Contact us at janet@ahireconnection.com or call 909.599.4100 for more information. We are here to serve you!