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Are your training dollars giving you the highest return - in the form of information retention, increased performance and measurable results?

Did you know? There are 7 forms of teaching and each has a different degree of retention:

  • Teach & Use        90%             Which would you rather use?
  • Practice                75%
  • Discussion           50%
  • Demonstration     30%
  • Audio/Visual         20%
  • Reading                10%
  • Lecture                   5%                       

Our utilize the "teach and use" process with a proven retention ratio of >90%!

Most workshops use a transactional style where learning is the result of acquiring information.  But what happens during the days, weeks and months following the workshops?  Answer: not much, in fact companies spend millions of dollars every year in the hopes of increasing and improving the skills, intelligence and performance of their employees...only to have most of the workshop materials end up in a file or on a bookshelf.

Our workshops are different!

Based on her two books, Janet has designed a transformational style of workshop that gets your managers involved and literally on their feet...thinking, doing, adding value for others and leaving with tools and techniques they can actually put into practice immediately.  Which means your training dollars are well-spent and your company reaps the rewards.

If you would like more information about this fun and engaging in-house workshop, please contact Janet Boydell at (909) 599-4100.

Each participant receives professionally formated materials, one of Janet's books, forms, templates, and tip sheet for easy reference.

Contact us at janet@ahireconnection.com or call 909.599.4100 for more information. We are here to serve you!