Hiring Right is Too Important to Leave to Chance!
Hiring Right is Too Important to Leave to Chance!

The Fast-Forward Resume™

If you want a more predictable future...then you must CREATE it! To predict whether your next hire, or even your existing employees, will be successful you must first create a Fast-Forward Resume™ (FFR), which is defined as:

"The potential future version of what your new hire's, or current employee's, resume could look like after accomplishing 3 or 4 of your key deliverables during the next 18 to 24 months on the job."

For example, if you hired a new VP of Sales, or controller, or director of marketing...today...then you fast-forward to two years from now and ask yourself this question, "If they update their resume...what accomplishments, or bullet points of success, would I expect to see on that resume?"

In other words...what is it you expected to be done, what measurable results or impact did that person make on your firm during that two-year time period?

These questions become the basis for your Fast-Forward Resume™. By asking these questions up-front, and by articulating your expectations "today" for the next two years, you will increase your hiring success such that you'll not only hire the right person, but your firm will be exactly where you planned it to be...two years down the road. Now that's creating a predictable future!

The Fast-Forward Resume™(FFR) is one of the most dynamic documents to come along since the hiring process was created. The FFR identifies the "bullet points of success" that you, the employer, would expect to see on a person's resume two years down the road. Think of the impact...for an individual, a department and your company!

Want to motivate an employee? Want to retain your top talent? This single document provides more vision and direction for your employees than any job description on the planet. That's because a job description details the basic responsibilities of a function...but does not address what actually needs to be accomplished during specific time-frames.

The Fast-Forward Resume is created using a 5-step process and addresses the most critical issues, up-front, thereby, driving the hiring process, and helping you to write more creative ads, develop meaningful interview questions, identify the best talent, substance, and fit...before you hire anyone. And, hiring managers are empowered with a tool to help them better manage performance after the new hire comes on board.

Too often we hear CEO's say "My new guy just isn't working out the way I thought he would" or "I don't get it, we had serval interviews, we explained what we needed, we conducted a complete background check...and yet our new hire isn't delivering the results we expected."  


The solution: use a more strategic process! We'll show you how to get started on a journey called "success and confidence" instead of "maybe this time, he/she will be the one."

Want to make sure your entire department and/or company will succeed? Begin by creating a Fast-Forward Resume™ for every person in every department to ensure alignment within your entire organization. This tool provides continuous direction and vision for your existing employees. If they know where they're going...they're more likely to work toward those goals and stay with your firm.

Call us today and we'll teach your managers in a workshop, or we'll do the work and create the FFRs for your most critical positions.

Next, you must be able to identify whether your candidates and employees have FLASH - the 5-Key Predictors of Top Talent.

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