Hiring Right is Too Important to Leave to Chance!
Hiring Right is Too Important to Leave to Chance!

Looking for the key to great hiring?

Janet has two books to help with your hiring process - and they both help you manage your career as well. 

A Hire Connection: How To Make Your Next Hire Your Best Hire (Oct. 2007)

Taking her first book to another level, Janet's second book provides valuable insights about how she manages attracting and selecting top talent. Included in this book are two of her revolutionary tools: the Fast-Forward Resumé™ and FLASH™. Her insider recruiting techniques are enlightening executives, hiring managers and recruiters nationwide! Signed and shipped next day by Janet.

Paperback: $20.00 (Price includes shipping)

To purchase a signed copy, e-mail janet@ahireconnection.com
You're Not the Person I Hired!: A CEOs Survival Guide To Hiring Top Talent (Oct. 2005)
Janet co-authored You're Not the Person I Hired! with one goal in mind: to help companies avoid hiring mistakes. This comprehensive book discusses the Top Ten Hiring Mistakes and The Success Factor Methodology, a hiring process that works, and many other strategies to help you become an employer of choice! Signed and shipped next day by Janet.

Paperback: $20.00 (Price includes shipping.)
Hardcover: $30.00 (Price includes shipping.)
To purchase a signed copy, email janet@ahireconnection.com

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